We manufacture cloths for various types of clean up, polishing and other maintenance operations. Our inventory includes more than 100 kinds of wiping cloths, both new and recycled materials. This wide range of products can fill almost any wiping cloth requirement you may have. We are particularly proud of our reputation for quality merchandise, excellent customer service, and rapid delivery. The following is a list of some of our more popular wipers, both recycled and new material. If you do not see the specific item you are looking for, or for inquiries in general, please contact us.


Recycled Wiping Cloth

White Wipers, Woven
White Sheeting Seamless sheets, pillow cases, etc.
White #1  White shirts, etc.
Industrial White Heavier
Coloured Wipers, Woven
Coloured Sheeting Seamless sheets, pillow cases, etc.
Industrial Coloured #1 Medium and heavy, dark colours
Corduroy Corduroy pant legs
Denim Legs Jean legs
Coloured Flannel Lightweight, soft and absorbent
Knit Wipers
White T-shirt All white, soft and absorbent
White with Colour Trim White T-shirt with colour printing
Coloured T-shirt Mixed colours, soft and absorbent
White Fleece Sweatshirt material
Gray Fleece Sweatshirt material
Coloured Fleece Sweatshirt material, mixed colours
White Thermal Waffle texture, long johns
Coloured Thermal Waffle texture, long johns


New Wiping Cloth

Knit Wipers
White Ganzies New mill end knits
Unbleached Ganzies New mill end knits, not as absorbent as white
Coloured Ganzies New mill end knits


Towel Wipers

 Towel Wipers
New White Terry Towels Bar mops, edged
White Terry Towels and terry garments
Coloured Terry, White Thread Waste, Coloured Thread Waste Towels and terry garments


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